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How To Change The Money Mindset That Keeps You Broke

Did you grow up believing that working a 9-5 job and having a 3-bedroom house with a white picket fence around it was the pinnacle of success? 

Girl, ME TOO. 

This kind of lifestyle is so desirable for many people because it’s familiar, and safe. Once we’re locked into a mortgage, we know exactly what a large chunk of our monthly expenditures will be for the next 20-30 years. This stability is exactly what many people crave. We know exactly where our money is going, and we know that we’re investing in an asset that we’ve been told is extremely valuable. 

Did you ever think about how your life could change if you viewed your own talents and skills as something worth investing in?  

I grew up in the Midwest, and like most of you, my views on money came to me, directly or indirectly, via my parents. They tried to teach me how to manage my money – separating all my earned money into three envelopes – spending money, savings and tithe. There was no “investing in myself” envelope lol.

I also heard a lot of the phrases that are probably familiar to you as well. “Money doesn’t grow on trees!” or “a penny saved is a penny earned”- that sort of thing.

However, once I registered for an LLC and started running my own business, I realized that I was still hanging on to my conservative money mindset. And it was seriously holding me back. I didn’t want to spend more money than I absolutely had to, and so I was doing everything myself. I was exhausted, and not only that- my business stopped whenever I did.

Once I realized this, I started using my money to invest in myself, and quickly began surpassing my revenue targets.

Here’s how I changed my money mindset, and learned how to invest in myself.


My first few months in business were exhilarating. However, after the initial excitement wore off, I realized I was working myself into exhaustion, and was spending the majority of my time on repetitive tasks like invoicing, contracts, web design, and bookkeeping. This didn’t leave me much time for revenue-generating sales tasks.

I hired my first virtual assistant, and immediately hit a record high earning month. Being able to delegate those tasks allowed me to focus on my clients and growing my business. Know when you’re ready to hire, and spend the money even if it makes you nervous.

Outsourcing doesn’t just apply to business – but even little things like getting my groceries delivered via Shipt and other services that will save me time.

Spend Money on Resources

Another great investment that I’ve made in myself are the tools, apps, and resources necessary to run a successful business. Sure, I could skip paying for apps like Dubsado to help me set up workflows and send contracts, but then I’d be spending all that time doing it myself.

Time = Money.

Don’t discount your own time. The faster you realize what a valuable resource your own time is, the better off you’ll be.   

I’ve also spent a good amount of money on books. These resources have all made me a better boss and mentor, and the lessons that I’ve learned are totally worth the price tag.

Ask for What You’re Worth

In the beginning, a major source of stress for me was figuring out what to charge my clients. I had grown up with the mentality that asking for money was a necessary evil. I also felt straight up weird about making money by helping people.

Now, I’ve learned just how harmful all of these beliefs are. If you’re not getting paid what you’re worth, the honest truth is that you’re not creating true commitment from your clients to transform their lives. The money that I make is a sign of how many people I’m impacting. 

Invest in Mentorship

I know all about the connection between money and commitment, because I’ve been there myself. Making the commitment to invest in a business mentor is what made all the difference in getting my business off the ground.  

That’s why I’m so passionate about my mentorship relationship with my clients in the Purpose to Profit Accelerator. My clients get a 12-week course with tons of incredible resources, but the most important aspect of the course is the one-on-one mentorship time we spend together every week.

Are you ready to step out of your 9-5 but not sure where to start? Get in touch with me here or on Insta to see if you’re a good fit for the next Purpose to Profit cohort.

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