Client Results

Listen to what some of my incredible clients have said about working together!

“Her mentorship truly changed my family’s entire life.

I am on track this year to make 6-figures. That’s shocking considering I only made $19K last year.. I have no limits on myself anymore. I truly believe that anything I put my mind to can happen.”

Shannon Klepac
Owner of Shebuilt Fitness, LLC

“I have brought in just under $18,000 just within our program [90 days] together.”

My favorite part about working with Bri was the ease about it. 

Owner of Confident Bodies

“I no longer have to worry about where my next client is coming from.”

I saw results right away, just last month I made $11,000. 

Owner of fit Mum Method

“I made $6,000 and that was my first program I ever launched.”

“Working with Bri is so so so amazing. If you have any doubt of working with her, just do it. I was always that person that was like ‘I don’t have the money’ or ‘right now isn’t a great time’ but there never is a perfect time. If you want this then you make time for it. 

Creator of MpowerU

“I was making $500-1500 a month as a coach for an mlm, i made over $6,000 in one month with bri.”

The biggest thing that changed for me in working with Bri was realizing that I’m able to be a coach without being perfect. I had a huge self-limiting belief that in order to be a coach I had to be perfect all the time and it was truly exhausting. She helped me realize that was holding me back from the coach I wanted to be. 

Owner of Athena

“With her help, I now have 17 clients and I’m charging $1200 per client… so that’s $20,000 in 3.5 months.”

I love what I do every single day now because of you and your program.”


“In the first couple weeks I got my first client! 

Then the following week I got my second and my third…”

Owner of Beyond the Physique

Prior to working with Bri, my bills were barely being paid.

I mean my savings account was all but zeroed out. I hadn’t paid my insurance in six months, and I was picking up all the extra hours I could at my side job working at a gas station in addition to in-person group training. I can now proudly say I don’t need to rely on that income anymore from the online clients I’ve been able to get using Bri’s systems and strategies. I’m now even planning to take an international trip, without financial stress!

Owner of Train with Janelle

“I spoke to 4 or 5 different business mentors before finally finding Bri.

Instantly things were different. She believed in me so much that it brought me to tears. I was in the middle of a financial crisis. Within a few short weeks she had given me the tools I needed, and the step by step guidance to organize and integrate each process and allowed my business to soar. Bri is one of the biggest reasons I’m a successful entrepreneur today.”

Lisa Bodenburg
Owner of Liberty Fitness

My closing rate on sales calls was over 90%.

Owner of Strong with Steff

She instantly helped me package my expertise & my offerings in a tangible way. In the 12 weeks, I made over $15,000.”

Jordan Palin
Owner of Raising Readers

“I started from the complete bottom…zero clients. In that 12 week period, I made over $25,000 & that was only working 10-15 hours/week.”

Maddie Russell
Owner of MadStrength


Brooke B. 

“I fully regret not starting this program sooner… within 5 weeks of the program, I had a 5-figure client roster.”

Owner of Aligned & Fit

“When I implemented the systems & processes that bri helped me understand my business went to, year to date, $43,000 vs. $8,000 for my old process”

Mel was a frustrated & burnt out business owner. She was charging a mere $125 for month to month coaching & was driving to meet her clients face to face. Listen to her story about how we turned her business around by incorporating systems, altering her offer to better serve her clients and increasing her pricing. Mel now works less and is making 5x what she was before… amazing!

She’ll Rise LLC