I teach personal trainers and coaches how to create a 6-figure business online without spending a dollar on ads.


I teach personal trainers and coaches how to create a 6-figure business online without spending a dollar on ads.

The 5 Systems to Creating a Profitable Coaching Business

You’re here because you know you belong in the fitness industry.

When someone even barely mentions the gym or asks a question about nutrition, you’re ready and eager to DIVE IN. Heck – you’d do this whole coaching thing for free, you live and breath it.

You know how to get RESULTS for both yourself and for clients.

But… not so much business results for yourself.

As rewarding as personal training is… your schedule is always BUSY, you don’t have much time outside of the gym and your bank account doesn’t exactly say “I made it.”

On the outside, it might look like you have it  all figured out

You’re fit, you’re in a career you enjoy (kind of), but you’re always exhausted and time poor.

You barely have time to squeeze in your own training sessions, let alone spend time with family, take exotic trips or get a massage. 

Some days, it feels like you’re on the verge of an emotional breakdown. 

You scroll through Instagram and wonder how the heck these other “fitness coaches” are doing it?? You crave the time freedom they have. 

You’re probably wondering how they’re getting clients consistently online, all while working from their laptop. 

You can barely get people to leave a comment on your posts.. the messaging you’re using doesn’t seem to be just right.

This is new territory to you, the gym – YOU’VE GOT IT. But this, this is unchartered water for you. 

I hear you, I see you,  I get you. 

Hi, I’m Bri!

Before becoming a business mentor – I was an online fitness coach, making 6-figures while travelling the world while helping people on their fitness journey. THE DREAM.

However, my first try at this whole business thing didn’t go as expected… I thought it was enough that I had people messaging me on social media, complimenting my body and asking me to coach them. Oh boy was I wrong.

I learned quickly I was missing something…

People weren't easily handing me their hard-earned money like I thought they would.

I chalked it up to not having a big enough following, the right connections or the money to design a fancy website.

Just when I had almost given up on my dream of pursuing a career in the fitness industry…

 I met an online fitness coach making $20k/month.

He didn’t have any advantage over me, other than he hired a business mentor. He credited that business mentor for all his success.

I started working with that mentor shortly after. In my first week of launching my offer, I had 15 clients each paying me $1,200 and quit my job that same week. I had MORE than replaced my income.. and went on to making my FIRST 6-figures that year. I learned just how important it is to follow a proven strategy and system for attracting, converting and following through with epic results for clients.

Now, I get to take YEARS off the “grind” (that so many trainers/coaches stay in) for you...

…so you don’t have to make the same mistakes I did starting out.


Now that you’ve made it to the bottom of the page.. this is where you might be having thoughts of excitement mixed with intense fear.


This goes against everything you’ve previously thought about “working your way up” in the fitness industry.

But here’s the thing:

Right now, there are clients that are PRAYING for someone like you to show them just how fun and easy being on a fitness journey can be.

Your whole life, all your struggles and all your successes have led to this moment – your future clients are waiting on you.

Yeah your parents, friends and coworkers might think you’re “crazy” for going for it. Hell, they never went for it so of course they’re going to judge you for being ambitious enough to not only wish for it but take the action to make it happen.

You have nothing to prove to them and everything to prove to yourself.

You are more capable than you know.