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A proven step-by step process to create your online coaching program + get FULLY booked out

This is for you if...

You’ve done the non-stop googling, you’ve watched uncountable tutorials on “how to get clients”, you listen to the business podcasts and you’re still no closer to your first $1000 client.

You know you can help people in a powerful way but… you’ve also been burned in the past by low-paying clients.

 You’re not quite sure how these online coaches do it – how do they get clients to COMMIT and INVEST in their online services?

I'm here to let you in on a little secret.

The secret most marketing “gurus” won’t ever tell you is that they’ve had massive success with the strategies they teach because they have a large audience to leverage and sell to.

So it’s no wonder if you try to apply those same large audience strategies to a tiny Instagram following it’s easy to become frustrated when you don’t see the same results and think you’re the problem (you’re not).

It’s like that old saying: if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will spend its whole life believing it’s stupid. 

Here's why I'm confident my system is different & will work for you

I wasn’t insta-famous when I started, I’ve been exactly where you are. When I started online fitness coaching full-time, I had less than 3,000 followers. My Instagram audience was a mix of family, friends from high school and random people I had met out or previously worked with.

Nothing special, but one thing many of them needed? Help in their own fitness journey. So by developing an online program (that I could start out charging $1200 for) and using attraction marketing… I only needed 3 clients a month to replace my income at my full-time job.

but i didn't stop there

 I crossed the six figure mark in revenue in my first year of business, and then doubled my revenue my second year.

 But I believe a successful system should be duplicable, so I tested this in many different niches to prove I could repeat the process for other people.

This program is everything I wish I had in the beginning to get my coaching business off the ground - it's an easy repeatable process to signing 4-figure clients left and right + tough love accountability.

Hi! I’m Bri.

And I'm basically obsessed with teaching new coaches that it's not only possible to get clients online with less than 1000 followers, it's extremely lucrative.

But it hasn’t always been that way. I’m originally from a small town in Kansas – daughter to two hard working 9-5ers. 

Trust me when I say I didn’t always know what I was passionate about or how to create financial freedom, but I did know it was worth trying and being open to doing things a little different.

Warning: what I’m about to share with you might trigger feelings of jealousy and/or disbelief. That’s OK. I promise this story has a happy ending for YOU too. 

Since starting my business I have traveled the world – lived in 9 different countries and now live in Hawaii.

Because I’m all about that transparent life, lemme drop some numbers for you real quick:

In my first year coaching, I reached my first $10,000 month. In 2018, I hit my first $20,000 month and in 2019… my first $45,000 month.

So what changed between then and now? And how can you repeat my success yourself?

⭐️ by mastering marketing & nailing a sales process that WORKS aka what your certification doesn’t teach you


Weeks 1-6 will focus on Modules 1-4 to prepare you for your official launch weeks 6-12

Module 1 - Foundations To Your First $3,000 Month

Time to set the foundations that are needed to start your online coaching business. Foundations include; your mindset, business name, tax education, contracts, merchant account and everything you need to finally be a real business owner aka no more Venmo payments okay?

Moving on to your Instagram audit; people should know exactly what you’re about within 5 seconds of landing on your profile and no, I don’t mean that you are clearly “a fitness coach”. How can you actually help them? What makes you different? What is the real result you can provide? 

Don’t worry, we’ll also dive into your “I help” statement, your call-to-action and what needs to go in your highlights. 
The best part? No crazy funnels or websites, are necessary. My business motto: growing your business can be SIMPLE, fun and profitable. 

Module 2 - Create Compelling Content

Learn how to breakthrough the noise on social media and stand out in a crowded market. Figure out what your ideal client needs to hear from you and how to share that message in a way that draws them in without sending a million cold DM’s (ew, no). 

This module provides a template for my 4-step process on writing captions that convert + how to pitch from you Instagram story in a non-salesy way.

You will also learn existing trends, tactics and algorithm hacks to achieve maximum visibility and stay in front of your ideal audience. 

Module 3 - Your Irresistible Offer

Crafting the right offer for you and your future clients means delivery, pricing, contact, resources and more. 

This module will give you the templates and step by step guidance you need to finally build out a program you can feel comfortable charging top dollar for! No more $100 plans my friend!

You will finally have a client on-boarding process and a streamlined way of running your coaching business. 

Module 4 - Learn How To Sell

If you can’t sell your service – you don’t have a business.

You’ll learn exactly how to charge $1200 (minimum) without being that pushy salesperson you’re terrified of being. Bri makes selling easy and effortless by providing a high-converting sales script + she does live sales training with you on how to overcome objections.

This module will not only change the way you think about sales/”selling” but you will learn how to create an impactful conversation that makes your client say “how soon can I start??”.

Module 5 - Launch Strategy

For launches to be successful, you must position yourself as an authority + warm up your audience to who you are, what you offer and how you can uniquely help them. If you launch out of thin air, this is when you get crickets… not what you want!

Now that’s done, we can map out your official launch – this will include:

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"I started off with zero clients... in that 12 week period I went from making no money, to making over $25,000 averaging 56 minutes per day on Instagram."
Maddie Russell
Online Health Coach