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Should I Create A Separate Instagram Account For My Business??

Wouldn’t it be nice if launching a new social media account for your business actually led to instant trust + meaningful interactions with prospective clients?

However… it’s just not that way.

Humans crave human connection. Instagram is NOT suppose to be a perfectly curated gallery of graphics promoting your business. It’s meant to be a social platform and as business owners we have to remember that besides adding value and sharing what our service can do for people – we must also be social, share our lives and make friends. It’s about building connection and relationships, not just about pitching your program 24/7.

Here’s my argument for keeping a single instagram account:

  • When prospects are interested in hiring a coach, it’s often YOU (your personality, your quirks, your hobbies) that make you stand out over another coach – so keeping your personal life separate can actually hurt you
  • Many of your first clients will be people you personally know (that girl you randomly met through an ex boyfriend, an old coworker, a girl you played beach volleyball with, etc.) but those same people aren’t always going to go out of their way to “follow” your new biz account..
  • A single account shows you walk the talk without getting overly sales-focused. If you mix business and personal, that balance makes your online presence feel more authentic and grounded.

So take a deep breath and get to work! If Karen from high school doesn’t like it, she can unfollow ✌🏼

General recommendation: keep your content feed 80% business related, 20% personal

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