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How to Start an Email List

Frustrated by the algorithm and people not seeing the content you’ve worked hard to create?

Most people ask how to grow their following and not enough are asking how to grow their email list – which is interesting considering the conversion rate for email is around 6.05%, while social media sits around 1.9%…. Even though social media gets a lot of attention, the most valuable digital channel is building your email list.

Social media usage has grown a lot over the last few years (an additional 320 million people on social media between 2017 and 2018), however, your space on the platform is only rented. You don’t own any of your content or the followers you’ve grown thus far – might not seem like an issue to you at the beginning of your coaching career but you’ll miss out on capturing potential clients in the long run.

Instead of relying on the elusive Facebook or Instagram algorithm to find new clients for you, you need to seek them out and speak to them directly by establishing your own email list.

Email List Building is Key to a Successful Business 

Establishing your own email list is a great way to take ownership of the content you create, and increase your chances of your followers actually seeing it. 

It’s also a great way to build trust with potential clients- you can give them more personalized content and offers, instead of simply putting up generic posts in hopes of enticing people to click through or engage. 

Plus, with services like MailChimp, it’s never been easier. You can start a kickass email list today without investing a single penny.

How to Set Up MailChimp 

Did you know that MailChimp is totally free when you have less than 2,000 subscribers? You’ll get basic templates, 1-click automations, and lots of information on key statistics including your open rate and click-through rate. 

If you’re ready to make a larger investment (lol think $14.99/month), you can purchase a more advanced package that includes complex audience insights, plus A/B testing for when you really want to refine your message. 

All you need to do to get started is sign up on their website. They have tons of resources for newbies, and even their free plan offers 30 days of free email support. 

Attract Subscribers by Offering Real Value 

After you’ve set up your email list, the next step is getting subscribers. The key to increasing your subscriber base is to offer people something of real value in exchange for their email address. Sure, a few people (your mom and aunt) may subscribe if you ask nicely, but the majority of people won’t give away their email address unless there’s something in it for them.

For online health coaches, ask yourself (or even better, your ideal clients) what is something my ideal client is really struggling with? How can you create a free offer around this? This could be a free workout plan, an eBook on tracking macros, or a handy grocery checklist. 

By offering something of real value, you’re showing your subscribers that you take their commitment to your email list seriously. In a world where people get dozens of generalized and unsolicited marketing emails a day, that makes a huge difference. 

Ready for Your Next Business Challenge? 

Are you ready to take on the challenges of a new online coaching business? Let me help you get started! I love working with coaches to help them land their first high-ticket clients and quickly scale to six figures. 

Got any questions about my strategies for email? I’d love to talk about it with you. You can always get in touch with me here, or hit me up on Insta to talk about all things email. 

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