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How To Speed Up IG Growth Without Buying Followers

The first few years I used Instagram started off like most people. I posted what I wanted, when I wanted to, with no real goal for how I was using the platform. When I started to develop an interest in fitness, I started to take my content more seriously.. But yet again, with no real goal or direction for what I was doing with it. In short, my social media strategy sucked. Every time I posted something- crickets. Nothing.

When I started taking my business seriously, and got a business mentor, I also stepped up my IG game. I no longer cared necessarily how many people were following me, but I DID care if the right people were following me because I wanted those people to buy from me down the road. 

Here are some tried-and-true techniques that I used to grow my Instagram following, and more importantly, ensure the audience I was talking to actually valued what I had to say.

Post Consistently

One of the best ways to build an audience on Instagram is to post- often. Not only does it signal that you take your platform and message seriously but it’s also an example of who you are as a coach. Are you a reliable coach if you “ghost” on social media? Maybe, maybe not. It can be a red flag for those considering working with you. 

There’s also a marketing theory called the ‘Rule of 7’ which basically says a consumer has to be exposed to your service 7 times before they take action. If you’re posting daily you’re going to reach that 7 in a week, as long as their seeing/reading every post (hint; that’s why your content also has to POP and stand out). If you’re posting sporadically, it could take almost a month before someone even considers working with you! 

Posting consistently is also the best way to rank highly on the Instagram algorithm. This algorithm determines how often you show up on the Explore page. The Explore page is a great way to get new followers, because you already know they’re interested in the type of content you share.  

Engage With Others

Another key to Instagram growth is engagement. The more you engage with your followers by posting and commenting, the more likely they are to include you as a consistent part of their routine. Instagram has the highest interaction rates of any social media channel, which means that people treat their comments, posts, and likes as part of a conversation. Instead of waiting for people to come to you, start following other users, comment on their posts, and reply to everyone who comments on your stories or posts.

Improve Your Hashtag and Geotag Strategy

If you’re using Instagram and not putting hashtags on your posts, you’re throwing away an opportunity to connect with more followers. Hashtags may be super #cliche at this point, but they’re still the easiest way to find content that interests you.  

Hashtags trend all the time, and it’s important to keep your hashtag strategy dynamic- don’t just use the same ones every time. Hashtags like #run, #abs, #fitfam, and #fitnessblogger all have thousands of posts, so they’re popular, but it may be hard to make your way to the top of the pile.

Some awesome hashtags for online fitness coaches in 2019 are #onlinecoach, #onlinepersonaltrainer, #squadgoals, #fitsquad, #strongnotskinny, #trainharder, and #fitnesstips. The latest marketing strategies suggest you should use no more than 11 hashtags per post, so your readers aren’t scrolling past a wall of text.  

Another important detail- make sure you geotag every post! This ensures you can be found if someone searches that geographic area.  

Ask Clients to Share Their Experiences

It’s awesome having tons of followers, but if you’re trying to grow a business, you need to be focusing on your engagement- not just your numbers. One way to get people engaged in the product or service you’re offering is to ask current and former clients to share and post about their experience working with you. This authentic engagement shows that you’re a real person, and have had a meaningful impact on others.

Plus, the more you’re tagged in posts, the more the Instagram algorithm will prioritize your content. They assume that if people are interacting with you by tagging you, you must have something useful to say.  

Want to Grow With Me?

My number one tip for speeding up IG growth is to give more than you take. By focusing on engagement rather than followers, you can build meaningful growth that actually impacts your business.

Having thousands or even hundreds of thousands of followers may feel great, but if none of them are interested in what you’re offering, they might as well not be there. To speak with me about how you can authentically jumpstart your business’s growth, leave a comment, apply to the accelerator or get in touch with me on Instagram (of course). I love hearing from new people!  

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