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How to Get Your Clients to Sell For You and Create a Raving Fan Culture

One of my biggest triumphs is that I’ve been able to create a 6-figure business without spending a single dollar on ads. It took a lot of work, but I truly believe that any motivated coach can achieve this. Today, I’m going to focus on how I’ve been able to use my clients’ successes as an advertisement for my business and build up a raving fan culture.

Consistent Delivery Results in Rave Reviews  

When I first started operating as a business mentor, I made the decision to systemize the delivery of my course. I let clients know up front what they could expect from me, and consistently stuck with it. This structure not only helped my clients, it helped me as well. I was able to focus my attention where it needed to go, which meant that my clients’ needs were at the forefront of my day. I was more prepared for client calls, and more attentive to their individual needs. My focused attention was so beneficial that it resulted in my clients taking even more from the course than they thought possible.

One of the key qualities that I’ve found in many successful business mentors and coaches is that they’re willing to give more than they take. If you want to be the type of mentor your clients rave about, you need to be able to deliver everything that you’ve promised- and more.

Give Unexpected Gifts

Another thing that gets clients excited is when you give unexpected gifts. This can be anything from a gift card to Lululemon to high-quality bluetooth headphones, something they would really appreciate and use. It’s a great way to celebrate a recent achievement. It totally says “hey, I’m in your corner. You got this.”

Pay Clients Who Refer New Clients

One thing that I started doing from the beginning was paying clients when they referred new clients to me or offering them a free month of coaching. I think if people are going to take the time to speak about the benefits of my services to others, it should be acknowledged. It also makes them feel like a part of my team, which I love.

Create a Culture of WINS!

The best way that I’ve found to create a raving fan culture is to highlight and celebrate client wins. Not only does it create a positive feedback loop for that particular client, but it also shows people who may be interested in your course just how effective it can be. I have a Highlights button just for client wins on my IG profile (so it’s one of the first things you see when you click on my page), and I love to post stories and posts about my clients’ successes. I also ask clients to share their own experience working with me on social media, so people can see that it offers tangible results and benefits to real people. There’s no substitute for an authentic testimonial.

In addition to posting about client successes myself, I encourage all of my clients to post and share their wins within my private client Facebook group. It helps give them motivation to work towards their larger goals and offers them the opportunity to inspire others. My private client Facebook group is such an inspiring and motivating place!

Want to Create Your Own Raving Fan Culture?

If you’re excited to inspire others, and want some help building an influential AF coaching business, I’d love to talk to you. Hit me up on Facebook or Instagram to learn more about my program, and what it can offer you.

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