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4 Steps To The Best IG Bio For Your Business

So you wanna start attracting people to work with you huh?

Then you might want to consider making these changes to your Instagram bio.

Remember this – when you want to use Instagram to ATTRACT clients to you..

Your Instagram Bio is NO LONGER ABOUT YOU, it’s about THEM (your ideal client).

People should know within 5 seconds of landing on your profile what your deal is; what you do, who you help and how you help.

If it’s unclear they are likely not going to follow you, certainly not consider you as the authority that can help them solve their problems.

Here are the top things to change right away

Step 1 – Your profile photo. This should be a close up photo of your smiling face, similar to how mine is below. Not your logo, not a distant photo, not a dark photo – YOU, well lit, smiling.

Did you know photos with faces get 38% more likes on Instagram in general? So your profile photo will have a good impact on your audience as well.

People like it when a business has a face – you come across as more personal, friendly, and open. When picking a photo, it shouldn’t look too formal as well, as Instagram is all about connecting with your audience, not distancing from them.

Step 2 – Your name should include keywords that help people understand what you do at a glance.

For example, mine is “Bri Berner – Business Mentor”. Yours would be “NAME – Online Health Coach” (other options could be online personal trainer, online fitness coach, fat loss coach etc) or whatever title you believe best describes what you do.

Step 3 – Develop an “I help” statement that speaks to your ideal client. Be as SPECIFIC and tangible as possible here. Try this framework – “I help (PERSON) achieve (RESULT) without (THING THEY HATE).” You could also use the framework – “I help (PERSON) achieve (RESULT) so they can (THING THEY WANT). “

Bad/vague example – “I help women gain confidence and create a healthy lifestyle.”

Compelling examples – “I help former athletes get the body ‘you used to have’, while still enjoying foods you love.”

“I help busy, career driven women master stress, create balance and lose weight without restrictive dieting.”

“I help busy working moms lose weight and gain energy without spending hours doing cardio.”

This is usually the part that people struggle the most with and need my help fine-tuning, feel free to send me a DM over on Instagram and I can help talk you through!

Step 4 – Lastly, you want to give a call to action (CTA).

This is where you tell the person the action you want them to take. Yes, YOU have to tell them – just having an option for people to email you is not enough.

This prompt should go last and direct the person to take a desired action i.e. fill out your application form by saying “Apply below 👇”, or “Join my free facebook community!” or prompting them to download your free offer.

Curious to see if your IG bio STANDS OUT?? Take the quiz to find out!

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